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EzTrade provides equity and option traders customization through personalized trading systems. As a trader, you can build a trading system designed to your input parameters and risk tolerance level. All tools are accessible on any internet-enabled device, which means we require no downloads.

Once your system is built, start back testing using a day-by-day options and volatilities database with 10+ years of historical records. Using EzTrade's methodology, traders receive unique and unmatched in-depth probability and expected profit / loss analysis.

Save time on daily search for traders by receiving your personalized signals by email daily. Analyze your results and refine your trading system.

While investment tools are the core of our business, we believe providing hands-on education for self-directed traders, from novice to seasoned professionals, is key to enhance comprehension. Through EzTrade University, we offer training packages with an educational version of Ez Trade Builder that each trader can complete at their own pace.

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Developing tools that allows traders to get comprehensive probability analysis and make trading decisions based on calculated risk assessments.


Current approach, called Theoretical Method, to calculate probability is assuming underlying assets have a normal distribution.

Upon analysis, calculation will hold true for some underlying assets while for majority this method will not reflect reality. Real historical movements will show that normal distribution does not align with Theoretical probability.


Introducing Probabilities: Traders should disregard the "one-size-fits-all" approach of Theoretical Method and take advantage of HISTORICAL and STRESS TEST PROBABILITIES.

Enhancing Risk Management: EzTrade's unique approach to utilizing "trend following" indicators provides an additional dimension to trade selection. By converting technical analysis of the indicators into probability analysis, traders can advance their risk management capability.


I have worked with Vlad and EzTrade for years.

I have reviewed 100's of options approaches and applications with my roles in the industry; running P/L for an Global Active Trading platform as well as a Business Development for a Global Broker Dealer.

I have always found that EzTrades tools are easy to use and can make an unique impact contributing to traders success.

EzTrade take a unique quantitative approach to help the investment community compete and beat the market...it is a truly unique advantage.

Carlo Macchi,
Director of Global Institutional Accounts

StockSmart is proud to Partner with EzTrade and Vlad Furman for almost 20 years. Vlad is a true genius in the Options world.

EzTrade's new approach to apply individual - phase specific - probability measurements - improving on historical averages - is a highly expert and empirically advanced method demonstrably superior to others.

EzTrade is blending the best of academic expertise and practitioners experience into easy to use tools.

We strongly endorse EzTrade.

Suzanne Cook,

Trading markets is always challenging and requires a good integration of fundamentals and technical analysis. The trader needs an edge.

The EzTrade software provides a unique edge by identifying in real time the statistical probabilities of prices reaching or not reaching a target. It enables confirmation and replaces the hope that a trade will work. Importantly, it keeps you out of trades that are not probable.

I find it to be a key ingredient for improving trading performance! It is an important part of my trading tool box.

Abe Cofnas,
Editor Strategic Currency Trader Newsletter
Agora Financial, LLC

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