EDUCATION:   Bootcamp    |    Level I Trader

Designed for intermediate to experienced traders, our Level 1 package features instructional videos that focus on the concepts behind our filter criteria as well as their proper application for finding trades using the Ez Trade Builder software.


1. Trade Builder Training Videos covering:
     - Applying Volatility filters to trade searches
     - Applying Probability to improve trading results
     - Expected Profit / Loss Criteria
     - Creating your personal Trading System using the Ez Trade Builder software
     - Bonus Session - Put Selling Criteria. Click to view Track Record Report build based on these criteria

These videos can be watched over and over again without additional cost or commitment

2. Educational version of Ez Trade Builder with all the functions of Ez Trade Builder Subscription version except without live data. Allows the trader to immediately apply and refine the concepts presented in the videos at an accelerated pace with Ez Trade Builder software's powerful back-testing capabilities. Beginning with examples presented in the videos, the trader will quickly compare and contrast different trade scenarios going all the way back to 2006 without risking trading capital.

The data base is updated each expiration cycle so back-tests can be as little as one month old or as long as 8 years in duration.


The Level 1 training videos will quickly introduce the trader to the EzTrade methodology unavailable with other products and provide detailed instruction on the use of the Trade Builder Software. With access to back test data going back to 2006, the trader can take his or her current level of trading skills and knowledge and combine them with the EzTrade concepts to create a new system that is better, faster and more consistent than anything they have been using up to now.

The traders can test their ideas under various historic market conditions and see for themselves the advantages that specific strategies combined with the optimum filter criteria will bring!

With 8 years of option data being updated each expiration cycle, the trader will have the opportunity to test their knowledge over 1000's of trades under all different market conditions right up to last month's expiration.

Imagine going to the market with a system that has been stress tested to the degree that you can now expose it to!


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