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Designed for the Novice Trader, EzTrade.com's Bootcamp will jump-start the learning process with easy to use on-line videos combined with the educational version of the Ez Trade Builder software.

The first of seven videos begins with a basic description of options contracts and introduces two of the most common option trading strategies used today. Each subsequent video builds on the previous one eventually covering all the trading strategies featured on the Ez Trade Builder software. Key search parameters for finding the best trade combinations are discussed in each session.

The final video takes students through the steps of building their own personalized trading systems using the Ez Trade Builder software's powerful capabilities.

1. Bootcamp Training Videos covering:
     - Option Basics, including Puts and Calls, Covered Calls and Put Selling
     - Straddles and Strangles
     - Vertical Spreads
     - Iron Condors
     - How Volatility impacts trading strategies
     - Using Probability to improve trading results
     - Creating your personalized trading system using Ez Trade Builder software

These videos can be watched over and over again without additional cost or commitment

2. Educational version of the Ez Trade Builder
Software with all the functions of Ez Trade Builder Subscription version except live data (back test only). Allows the student to practice and learn the concepts presented in the videos at a rapid pace with Ez Trade Builder's powerful back-testing capabilities. Using the examples presented in the videos, the student can quickly create and compare different trade scenarios going all the way back to 2006 without risking trading capital or even opening a brokerage account.

The data base is updated each expiration cycle so back-tests can be as little as one month old or as long as 8 years in duration.

By having access to the Ez Trade Builder software, the students can immediately start practicing the concepts presented in the video seeing the results with actual data and analytics. This allows them to quickly build on the information presented in the videos while receiving instant feedback. The students can apply the concepts to various historic market conditions and see for themselves the advantages that specific strategies combined with the optimum filter criteria will bring!

By the end of the final video, the student will have had the opportunity to test their knowledge over 1000's of trades under all different market conditions.


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