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EzTrade University's objective is simple - Enable traders in ways that optimize their trading experience. Our learning experience hones in on two items. The first being recognizing approaches for lucrative trading. The second being methods for staying competitive in today's market.

With a different options trading methodology for calculating probability and expected profit/loss, EzU provides traders an opportunity to improve their results. Tools currently available on the market calculate probability of success using a "one-size-fits-all" formula based on normal distribution. At EzTrade, we have invested time and assets in developing an options trading approach for calculating probability that is a reflection of the market. Through EzTrade University, training modules are packaged with Ez Trade Builder to provide self-paced practice in applying the new, customized approach.

Our experienced instructors have developed web-based training that focuses on a range of topics. Recognizing that our customers range from novice traders who want to quickly learn how to trade options to seasoned professionals with years of experience in options trading, EzTrade University provides varied learning levels that are tailored to your background. Using the education version of Ez Trade Builder, an interactive hands-on experience is created. Our students can listen to modules while replicating the step-by-step process in Ez Trade Builder, all the while completing at their pace and leisure.

Access to the educational version of Ez Trade Builder allows our students to learn new concepts, build their own trading systems, and immediately see the results of their back tested trades. With EzTrade University, EzTrade is seeking to create more confident and knowledgeable options traders.

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