Traders Optimize Their Trading Experience
Interactive, Self Paced, Hands-On Learning

At EzTrade University, our objective is to provide traders an opportunity to improve their results. Our customers range from novice traders who want to learn quickly the "in's and out's" of options trading to seasoned professionals with years of experience. With EzU, traders learn an options trading approach for calculating probability that is a reflection of the market.

To create more confident and knowledgeable traders, EzU focues on creating investment education and hones in on two key capabilities:
  • Recognizing approaches for lucrative trading
  • Methods for staying competitive in today's market

Our training modules are packaged with Ez Trade Builder to provide self-paced practice in applying the concepts. Access to the educational version of Ez Trade Builder allows our students to learn new concepts, build their own trading systems, and immediately see the results of their back tested trades. Our students listen to modules while replicating the step-by-step process in Ez Trade Builder at their own pace.

Tailor your experience to your background. Learn more about EzTrade University and the varied learning levels: Bootcamp and Level I Trader.

Learn more about our educational courses:

Level I Trader

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