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Ez Risk Analyzer allows traders to assess and mitigate risk in real time. With access to equity and FOREX real time data and availability from any wifi-connected device, traders take it wherever they want and use it whenever they want.

Select a timeframe to find out the probability that the price of the underlying asset will not reach the selected target price, neither during nor at the end of the selected period.

Select a probability and find the maximum timeframe during which the price of the underlying asset will not reach the selected target price. .

Ez Risk Analyzer provides access to a variety of time bars ranging from 1-minute to daily bars. This allows traders to customize their analysis to fit their personal trading needs. Traders are able to select the size of the historical data set used in the analysis, ranging from 250 to 1250 historical time bars.

If the trader predicts that the underlying asset will behave in a similar fashion to the short period prior - a 250 or 500 historical time bars analysis is recommended. If the user expects some potential change in the underlying asset behavior, longer analyzing periods could be prudent. .

Ez Risk Analyzer is an appealing tool for underlying assets traders, as well as regular options and binary options traders. .

For some, the tool helps determine the "action point" in the risk management of their trade. Based on tolerance to a certain combination of target price, probability and timeframe traders can define when they have to act. .

For example, if a trader has the exit or breaking point to a trade, they can watch to see if the target price could be reached within a certain probability and timeframe. If this event occurs, the necessary trade management action can be taken. .

Other traders use this tool to determine the "fair price" for a binary option. If you are a binary trader who knows the probability of a price not reaching a certain point, you are able to capture a significant competitive advantage.

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