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Ez Trade Builder was specifically developed for those who cannot spend countless hours in front of a computer in search of the right trade. Targeted for traders who do not want to follow the "black-box" trading system, where there is no control over the offered trades.

With Ez Trade Builder, traders can create their own trading system. Through application of EzTrade's methodology, filtering criteria applied are specific and pertain directly to option trading.

Our customers take advantage of a newly designed approach to option trading - Probability Arbitrage. Through Probability Arbitrage, a more predictive method is employed using historical and stress test probabilities. Typically, a "one-size-fits-all" formula based on the assumption that equity pricing has a normal distribution is used. However, EzTrade's research shows that this assumption does not hold true. Using this assumption creates a wrong expectation of the trade results. With Probability Arbitrage, traders take advantage of greater accuracy in predicting stock pricing behavior.

Ez Trade Builder offers comprehensive back testing capabilities using a "Time Machine." Traders can select a day in history using EzTrade's 10 year day-by-day options database. With the date selected, traders can test their strategy.

Examples of Back Testing: Detailed Short Put Track Record or Summary Short Put Track Record

Charts help to visualize price, probability, and expected profit/loss behavior of trades from inception to expiration. Depiction of price movement allows for superior risk management and control of your trades.

Our Methodology
Your Past Your Future Trading Process
  I. Searching stocks for the right set up

 II. Finding out which stocks have options

III. Trying to find a good option trade

IV. Resulting in false positives when filtering

 V. Spending hours in front of a computer

  I. Searching options for the best combination

 II. Using filters not feasible in underlying filtering

III. Performing automatic trade analysis

IV. Finding results in complete option trades

 V. Saving time by eliminating additional analysis

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